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2022.04.11 – 2022.04.17






The 2022 KLPGA Championship was filled with triumphant cheers of victory as the final putt cut across the long fairway, and global luxury bedding brand Crown Goose was there to watch it all unfold.








   With an extensive history of hosting the Golf Classic Invitational for the top 0.01% Club Crown VIP clients every year, Crown Goose put its true luxury prowess on display by living up to the class and style of a championship cup with its sponsorship of the KLPGA tour held at the Ferrum Club, a masterwork designed by Tadao Ando.      







  Playing host to the uproarious cheers of fans for the first time in 30 months, the KLPGA Tour Championship offered billions of won in prize money and luxury sedans worth hundreds of millions of won to the winners of various events such as a hole-in-one event, sparking a great deal of interest with the general public.      





  Eternally dedicated to exploring the never-changing power and value of luxury items, Crown Goose is excited to continue participating in a wide array of different events in fields such as culture, art, and sports as the brand continues to enrich the lives of its VIP customers with its pioneering and tenacious spirit.    






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