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2021. 05.26 - 05. 30






Around 300 premium brands and global designers participated in the Seoul Living Design Fair 2021 to share their thoughts on the upcoming future of home styling. This event included a preview of a 7 million dollar scale art auction hosted by Disney Home, Lexus Korea, and Seoul Auction.







As an art project that encompasses the artistic efforts and values of Crown Goose, the Metaphysical Flow stood out in the banquet of diverse arts, designs, and crafts, and caught the attention of designers Jang Kwang Hyo and Lie Sang Bong and other various global buyers who participated in the event.

The Metaphysical Flow presents a new form of synesthetic imagery and is a visual sublimation of the active movement and circulation of air in goose down bedding.







Crown Goose is a brand of original artistry that blooms on the borderline of life and art. We will continue to lead trends in luxury living and design to present a true form of luxury that bridges together the aspects of space and life.




The Past, Present and Future of Luxury