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For four days from January 8th to 11th, Crown Goose participated in Heimtextil 2019 held in Frankfurt, Germany.

2019 heimtextil 2

Heimtextil 2019 held at Messefrankfurt

2019 heimtextil 3

Panorama of Messefrankfurt and Main Entrance

2019 heimtextil 4

International Buyers who participated Heimtextil 

2019 heimtextil 5

Heimtextil, the world's largest home contract textile exhibition

2019 heimtextil 6

Heimtextil 2019 Graphic Design Concept  



2,975 professional brands around the world, global buyers from 135 countries, and 70,000 visitors attended the Heimtextil 2019 to discuss future design trends and concepts.

2019 heimtextil 7

Global Brands Participated in Heimtextil 2019

2019 heimtextil 8
Global Brands Participated in Heimtextil 2019


Also, global luxury manufacturers, home textiles and design experts gathered to suggest prospects and trends in the global market.

2019 heimtextil 9

Global Brands Participated in Heimtextil 2019



2019 heimtextil 10

Swedish Bespoke team proudly showing the Eiderdown Bespoke Service

This exhibition, together with renowned foreign manufacturers and textile experts, held discussions on the global policy of Crown Goose in 2009 and expansion of the bespoke service.

2019 heimtextil 11

Eider Bedding made with the finest selected materials

2019 heimtextil 12

Crown Goose cooperates with Swedish Bespoke experts

Crown Goose will showcase a new Bespoke Edition for 2019 in cooperation with the Swiss Bespoke team for our global VIP client with global influence.



<2019/ 2020 'Toward Utopia'>

2019 heimtextil 13

We introduce the 2019/2020 design trend concept presented by Messe Frankfurt, the host of Heimtextil. Heimtextil presented 'Modern Utopia' as the future design concept and proposed five routes for discovering modern utopia.


Go off- grid

Green nature and RE-connect outdoor functional fiber including work clothes

Escape Reality

A connection of reality and imagination for digital-connected interior

Seek Sanctuary 

Peaceful design

Embrace Indulgence

Artistic and comfortable luxury

Pursue Play 

Creative and humorous interior

2019 heimtextil 14



Designing a new life with the value of unchanging art

2019 heimtextil 15

2019 heimtextil 16

Through collaboration with global artists in various fields, Crown Goose will create a new value of 'future luxury lifestyle' in 2019 and lead the world as a global luxury pioneer brand with unique and diverse works of art that have never been attempted. 

The Past, Present, and Future of Luxury