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Crown Goose exclusive dining party with global celebrities in Beverly Hills

Crown Goose Private Party at Five-Star Hotel

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SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills is designed by the world’s leading designer, Phillippe Starck.

SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, a five-star luxury hotel with a perfect harmony of traditional beauty and modern elegance, is beloved by celebrities around the globe.

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SLS Hotel Beverly Hills
Tres by José Andrés

The event began with Tres by José Andrés, where fine dining courses complemented the elegant mood.

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Under the glittering chandelier, the party was perfected by five-star hotel catering and champaign. 

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Crown Goose presented special gifts to celebrities at the party, which were specially crafted for each individual.

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Bespoke Cushion

Global VIP’s Choice – Crown Goose Bespoke

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Crown Goose Bespoke is a premium customized service for each individual. 

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Widely beloved by global sports stars, Crown Goose Bespoke service proves to provide clients with luxurious customized products– the one and only. 

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At the party, we provided a unique experience to our VIP clients through bespoke service.

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Our iconic royal blue color of goose down cushions further perfected the mood of the luxury hotel.

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White Room, where the event happened, boasted the elegance of five-star hotel in Beverly Hills.

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Displayed objects and chandelier added unique luxury to the party.

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We, Crown Goose, will continue to explore and spread our differentiated elegance around the world through exclusive events for our VIP clients.


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