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Crown Goose Down Pillow: How To Make Sleep The Ultimate Luxury

by Anna Kovalchenko


When it comes to sleep, a pillow is one thing that can convert it into a dream or a nightmare. Uncomfortable pillow makes your neck hurt. Your head will be in a wrong position for several hours resulting in headaches and other health issues.

That’s why, when Crown Goose proposed me to review one of their luxury down pillows, I was really excited. Reading about the product and customer reviews I was expecting to get some something really exclusive. I had already the pleasure to know their products before, by reviewing their bedding collections (here and here), so I was sure that the pillow will be of outstanding quality. At the end, it even exceeded my expectations!

The pillow comes in two cardboard boxes, so there is no chance that the precious content will be damaged during the shipment.

Crown Goose Goose Down Pillow

The pilow itself is packaged in a beautiful reusable bag. Embroidered white logo on a blue silky fabric make you realize from the beginning that you are holding a luxury product.

Crown Goose Goose Down Pillow

Product description

This goose down pillow follows a 3-layered construction: a layer of goose down on top and bottom, and a layer of goose feather in the middle to provide support for your neck. The cover is made of 100 Cotton Downproof satin fabric.

Crown Goose products go through 14 cleansing cycles and have 1000mm+ turbidity, confirming the cleanliness of the down product.

The high quality sewing and stitching are those little details that sometimes remain unnoticed, but you need to pay attention to them if you want your new pillow to last long.

The pillow measures standard dimensions – 70 X 50 cm. I personally don’t like bigger pillows or European dimensions. I prefer something that it is easy to move or adjust during the night.

Crown Goose Goose Down PillowCrown Goose Goose Down Pillow


The pillow is extremely soft and pleasant to touch. I like how the tender goose down envelops my face and neck during the sleep, making every muscle of my body relax.

Crown Goose Goose Down Pillow

Although the pillow is very soft and gentle, it provides the necessary neck support. So you don’t have a feeling that the pillow all of a sudden has dissapeared during the night and you are sleeping on a mattress only.

Crown Goose Goose Down Pillow

I realized that quality bedding and pillows will make my sleep a luxurious experience, doesn’t matter where I am …

Crown Goose Goose Down PillowCrown Goose Goose Down Pillow

Now the biggest struggle is to fight with Chipi, who all of a sudden decided that Crown Goose pillow is his:

Crown Goose Goose Down Pillow

Have you experienced Crown Goose products? If not check out their website where you will find lots of fantastic products for your bedroom. They ship all over the world and the shipment is really fast – for me it took only 3 business days to get the pillow delivered to my door!



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