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If you’re like me, you hit a lull couple hours after having lunch. Like clockwork, I find myself grabbing my second cup of coffee every day around 3 p.m. If you have the luxury of working at home, or even just escaping to a conference room or your car, try power napping instead of chugging down caffeine next time.  

How to Power Nap like a Pro

Fifteen to Twenty Minutes

Power nap doesn’t mean allow yourself hours of napping. You need to keep it short and disciplined. Fifteen to twenty minutes does wonders - feeling refreshed and bright-eyed. If you sleep for thirty to sixty minutes, you’re likely to wake up even more groggy. If you have the time and need the longer nap, shoot for sixty to ninety minutes to get the full sleep cycle. For napping at home, snuggle up with Crown Goose duvet and pillow for full-on fluffiness and breathability to keep you soft and dry.

How to Power Nap like a Pro

Nap vs Coffee

You may feel more wired for action with the second cup of coffee, but you may be more prone to mistakes because caffeine can decrease memory function.

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Nap in One or Two Hours After Lunch

An hour or two after lunch is usually when your blood sugar and energy levels dip. Consider taking a nap around this time and keep it consistent every day for maximum benefits.

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Go Dark

Blocking out the light helps fall asleep faster and speed is the name of the game in power napping. After waking up from the nap, get right back in your day by splashing some water on your face, taking a quick walk or doing a few jumping jacks in place. Now you’re ready to go. Taking these short power naps help to replenish your energy level and maximize your time during the day. Crown Goose’s mission is to vitalize the daily lives with quality sleep and all our products are made with that key mission in mind. Check out Crown Goose down bedding products to make every nap and sleep extraordinary.


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