Replicating the flowing pattern of iridescent clouds as if painted by the wind, Crown Goose's Luminova Collection Variant Goose has been reinterpreted in fabric.
Infused with the true luxury values of Crown Goose that uphold the heritage and dignity of esteemed royalty, this distinctive work of art captures the essence of creative brilliance.
With its artisan spirit and meticulous craftsmanship that has reached the pinnacle of artistry, Crown Goose leads the global luxury lifestyle, marvelously encapsulating the essential ideals of sublime sleep as the entire world looks on with wonder.
Widely known for its high-end luxury bedding, Crown Goose strives to bring delicate craftsmanship to both residential homes and five-star luxury hotels.
Since its founding in 1957, GQ Magazine has exerted a powerful influence on men's lifestyles.
Featured on the cover of their December issue was Jeremy Allen White, who portrayed the protagonist Carmen in the 2023 Emmy-nominated series The Bear.
Known for captivating global fans with his diverse charm and distinctive atmosphere,
Jeremy Allen White's compelling presence on the cover of GQ continues to shape men's lifestyles today. Crown Goose's new capsule collection Luminova Collection Variant has newly made an appearance in the prominent men's style guide GQ Magazine, which boasts a subscriber base of 1.08 million worldwide.
To welcome their VVIP guests like Hollywood stars, Marriott, Hilton, Pullman, Oakwood Premier and other high-end hotel groups prepare their suite rooms with high-end luxury bedding, and Crown Goose is well known for its super luxury eiderdown duvets that only a selected few have experienced.

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As a luxury lifestyle guide and men's lifestyle magazine catering to the top 0.01%,
GQ Magazine is known for its distinctive content and visuals and for leading global trends with a sophisticated tone. styling of royal warrant brand Crown Goose.