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As a royal warrant brand, we at Crown Goose have presented unique, distinct value from the opening sequence to the ending credits of our era.
Breathing in harmony with the global 0.01% upper class and leaders from a myriad of fields, Crown Goose is dedicated to pursuing an entirely new level of standards and values in the future of luxurious sleep.
With a noble spirit that embraces inspiration espoused in praise of the divine, Crown Goose expresses unique beauty through iconic collections that engage all five senses.
The luxury objects sculpted by the Crown Goose Art Foundation team embody the intangible values associated with cultural remnants.




Crown Goose collaborates with high-end corporations such as LVMH and Richemont, participating in ongoing cultural heritage restoration programs.
Simultaneously, we're leading the trend of a transcendent luxury lifestyle, surpassing the constraints of both time and space.
Recognizing the value of cherished heritage as a legacy of the venerable royal family, Crown Goose has explored limitless inspiration with our signature much-lauded Eiderdown.
Through this, we have crafted a singular art piece by tracing the boundless footsteps of inspiration.
The head authority of the British royal family and boasting a global reputation and historical heritage, King Charles Ill is commemorated in a royal book marking 21st-century Europe's first coronation ceremony.
Within this royal book, which represents authority and stature, are brilliant innovations in art that come alongside significant moments in the deep history of the monarchy, showcasing the monumental moments that decorated its reign.



The Past, Present and Future of Luxury