By being featured alongside world-renowned luxury brands such as Hermes and Gucci in The World of Interiors, Crown Goose’s bestseller and stand-alone masterpiece the Cordon Collection has been elevated to the status of an eternal classic thanks to inspiration from the infinite aesthetic sequence of straight lines chosen by visual arts maestro Andy Warhol.

A royal warrant brand carrying the torch honoring Europe‘s long line of royal families, February’s issue of the UK‘s premier design and lifestyle magazine The World of Interiors saw Crown Goose selected as a luxury brand for the top 0.01% of elites in The Gift Emporium.
Crown Goose, known for its luxury bedding for five star hotels like Marriott and Hilton groups, continues to provide the highest quality sleep experience to the hotel guests.
Since its founding in 1981, The World of Interiors has been a leading British publication focusing on home decor, design, art, and interior decoration dedicated to showcasing interiors from around the world.
As a prominent home-furnishing and curating platform, this legendary magazine provides inspiration and information to designers and design enthusiasts worldwide, featuring the latest living trends in Europe, Italy, the United States, and beyond. One of the missions of Crown Goose is to bring hotel suite room experience to all homes of their customers at their convenience.

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