To celebrate the luxury collaboration between global 5-star hotel Oakwood Premier and Crown Goose, we’re pleased to offer limited-edition gifts to customers who purchase our Majesty, Royal Wedding, and Wedding collections online while supplies last.
Discover today why our luxury goose down duvets are widely used in many top-notch luxury hotels across the globe.
Renowned for elevating spatial sophistication, we at Crown Goose have joined hands with Oakwood Premier, a 5-star upscale business hotel brand owned by global residence hotel group Ascott, to present an all-new level of refreshingly exhilarating travel experiences, culminating in a package that delivers the pinnacle of the “modern classic” style.
With over 940 hotels worldwide spanning Europe, America, Central Asia, and more, hospitality company Ascott is the owner of “work and life” hotel brand Oakwood Premier. 
With its distinctive metropolitan atmosphere as the main draw, Oakwood Premier has achieved a harmonious blend of business and luxury, and Crown Goose has partnered with them to provide even more luxurious hotel stay to their valued guests.
Located in the economic hubs of various countries, Oakwood Premier offers the greatest infrastructure alongside a diverse array of panoramic views. 
Beyond simple accommodation, you’ll get to discover the varying hues of relaxation you've been seeking—from gourmet food to wellness and culture.
Crown Goose is known for being one with the couture spirit, and we had the honor of working alongside Hilton, Marriott, Accor, Ascott, and other 5-star hotel chains as we continue to enhance spatial aesthetics with our uniquely three-dimensional aura, creating cultural landmarks and dreamlike retreats all across the globe. Crown Goose luxury bedding, including its world renowned European goose down duvets and Ergonomic goose down toppers are constantly beloved by celebrities and sports stars alike.