1. Gentle Monster Sunglasses

Maison Margiela x Gentle Monster Eyewear Collab Campaign | Hypebeast

Beloved by many Korean celebrities, including Jennie and Rose of Black Pink as well as Hollywood celebrities, Gentle Monster is inarguably one of the most trending luxury Korean brands nowadays. 


With a strong creative philosophy exploration through immersive, thematic retail design, 3D exhibits, and kinetic sculptures, Gentle Monster draws design inspiration heavily from modern art.


Gentle Monster frames are meant to be universally fitting to all face shapes and styles. People appeciate how the brand encourages customers to choose the appearance that best suits them, regardless of gender, and to go beyond binary style limitations.


Gentle Monster not only releases limited edition merchandise, but they also create fully unique colleaborations going above and beyond typical collaborations. BLACKPINK's Jennie and Maison Margiela are a few of the unique collaborators lately.


You must visit flagship stores in Seoul where you can have an unique and immersive experience.

Stores | GENTLE MONSTER Official Site

2. Crown Goose Luxury Bedding

CROWN GOOSE | Luxury Goose Down Bedding Store – CROWN GOOSE USA

When you watch Korean dramas, TV shows or Korean celebrities’ Reels videos, you will notice most of Korean celebrities are using the same bedding. For example, in the Queen of Tears, the main characters, Baek Hyun-Woo and Hong Hae-In were using Crown Goose bedding sheets and pillows in their luxury house. You may also find Crown Goose bedding on Lovely Runner, one of the most popular Korean TV show lately. Just like in TV shows, Crown Goose bedding has been widely beloved by celebrities, sports stars, and ultra-high-net-worth individuals, who truly appreciate and value the importance of deep sleep.

Oneric Goose Down Sleep Mask

Crown Goose, one of the most trending luxury Korean brands, is a luxury bedding brand that boasts an in-house designers and bedding professionals who meticulously design and craft bedding pieces utilizing the finest goose down and fabrics from around the globe.


Exclusively available at its own flagship stores and official websites, Crown Goose bedding cannot be found anywhere else. This is to prevent counterfeits and ensure the best in-class customer service. Streamlined production process and exceptionally professional customer service cater to the needs of its customers who want the highest quality products as well as exceptional care service. The company’s mission is to vitalize daily lives of all generation with quality sleep. With pride and care, Crown Goose “continues to present the value of deep sleep.”


Before you visit Korea, make sure to make an appointment to visit its luxurious boutique store, where you will be greeted by luxury bedding experts who will find your perfect bedding set.

House of Crown Goose – CROWN GOOSE USA

3. Sulwhasoo Skincare

Over 50 Years of Ginseng: The Legacy and Future of Sulwhasoo

Purchasing K-beauty items is a must when visiting Korea. Korean cosmetic products are renowned for their excellent quality and affordability. It is definitely recommended purchasing skincare or makeup products from Olive Young, a Korean drugstore, or from Korean department stores, such as Hyundai Department Store.


Of all Korean skincare brands, Sulwhasoo is a high-end Korean skincare brand that was founded in the 1940s.


Sulwhasoo was born out of the founder’s strong belief in the therapeutic benefits of ginseng and her enthusiasm for the study of Korean herbal medicine. Customers all over the world adore it now as the holistic beauty brand that embodies Asian skincare wisdom.


The company's brand is supported by more than 50 years of Korean ginseng research, which combines cutting-edge technology and innovation with traditional Korean herbal medicine.


The product line consists of serums, emulsions, balancing waters (toners), eye creams, and Korean moisturizers—the essential 10-step Korean skincare routine.


4. ADER Error

Discover Ader Error x ZARA Cycle A to Z Collection - DSCENE

ADER Error, along with K-pop and bulk ramen, is unquestionably one of South Korea's biggest exports.


The company solely depends on high-quality products and social media to generate sales, not on celebrity endorsements or well-known personalities in its marketing campaigns.


Founded in 2014, ADER Error provides humorous yet serious unisex clothes. Although the products are sophisticated, bordering on office-worthy, there are still humorous touches, such as socks with the phrases "not yet" and "your life is a joke" written on them next to unzipped flies. Furthermore, virtually little is known about the ADER Error’s design team, despite the fact that most creative directors these days are as well-known as the brand they oversee.


When you are walking on the street in Seoul, you will spot ADER Error flagship stores where, just like Gentle Monster stores, you can enjoy the immersive and unique customer experience inside the stores.


5. Hwayo Spirit

HWAYO - 53 SOJU Korea - South Other Spirits

At this point, we all know Korean people love drinking! Some people jokingly say Korean people drink 8 days a week. But, seriously, drinking is a big part of Korean culture, and they love drinking different types of alcohol but, of course, soju is their favorite. As a result, there are many reputable Korean soju brands that non-Koreans are not yet aware of.


One of the luxury Korean soju is Hwayo. Hwayo is a handcrafted, high-quality rice Soju, vacuum-distilled for maximum flavor and aroma, and aged underground for three months in traditional Korean Onggi pots, which are made of microporous earthenware that allows for breathability. “Hwa” stands for fire and “Yo” stands for noble object. This whiskey pays homage to the almost 700-year-old practice of producing soju, or Korean-style spirits, by combining these two symbols.


You can find this soju in convenience stores as well as department stores and spirit specialty stores in Seoul.